Scientist Warns Super AI Could Arise By 2027

SingularityNET founder, Hanson Robotics CEO and computer scientist Ben Goertzel said while speaking at the 2024 Beneficial AGI Summit in Panama that artificial general intelligence (AGI) with human-like capability and instant access to all combined human knowledge accessible over the Internet may arise within three years, by the year 2027.

According to a recent report by Futurism, humanity has not yet accomplished AGI, but Goertzel said humanity will likely build a human-like AGI by 2029 or 2030. He said it could happen as soon as 2027. But what is really interesting about his remarks is that Goertzel included the possibility that humanity may have already made this achievement today.

“No one has created human-level artificial general intelligence yet; nobody has a solid knowledge of when we’re going to get there,” Goertzel said at the summit. “I mean, there are known unknowns and probably unknown unknowns.”

That means there could be an AGI that Google, Facebook, Microsoft, AT&T or Comcast has, but has built and kept quiet.

“On the other hand, to me it seems quite plausible we could get to human-level AGI within, let’s say, the next three to eight years,” Goertzel told his audience.

Goertzel warns AGI can give rise to ASI, or artificial super intelligence, once it has access to the Internet. It can use its super-fast processing speeds with as much extra processing power as the owner wants to add and its access to the Internet with a human-level capacity to coordinate the information in meaningful ways, be creative and act unpredictably.

Tesla and OpenAI founder Elon Musk has worried about artificial intelligence and warned about it for years. The part about AGI being able to act in ways that are unpredictable worries some tech leaders that AI could wreak havoc for humanity. They are worried about a future in which AI could manipulate humanity without any regulation by the government.

It is not merely the new large-language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT series that are leading the development of artificial intelligence today. The biggest tech companies like Google and Microsoft, running the most human-generated data and content with the most computing power over the most sophisticated software, have been doing that for decades.