10K Per Month To Shelter Each Asylum Seeker In NY

New York taxpayers cannot be happy with the state’s plan to spend $20 million per month to house illegal migrants on Randall’s Island. That scheme equates to a startling $10,000 per migrant if all 2,000 beds at the facility are filled.

These details were revealed by a source with the state to the New York Post.

The Randall’s Island location is only one of four housing facilities funded by New York state as officials try to keep pace with the influx of migrants. The number became truly staggering when four such locations were factored in.

Last week, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) raised eyebrows when he estimated the city’s migrant crisis carried a price tag of $12 billion over the next three years.

During a City Hall briefing, the Democrat claimed the Big Apple is “past our breaking point.” Adams reported the city cares for over 57,300 people every night at a cost of $9.8 million per day.

Exactly how the state plans to spend $10,000 per migrant per month at the shelters was not revealed. In typical government fashion, however, it is certain that much of it is wasteful and unnecessary.

To be certain, the Randall’s Island facility as well as others are not permanent housing. New homes or even apartment buildings are not being constructed to house the asylum seekers.

Rather, these are large makeshift structures with rows of beds for illegal migrants. Officials have yet to come clean on where the money for each individual is being spent.

Approximately 100,000 illegal migrants have congregated in New York City since the spring of 2022. Adams quoted the estimate of over 57,000 being housed by the city in nearly 200 emergency shelters spread across the five boroughs.

Even an airport hanger is being utilized to shelter the influx. Masses of migrants were recently sleeping outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown, a sight the city knows will harm its tourism industry.

As for Randall’s Island, soccer fields were taken over by NYC officials to house the thousands of migrants in enormous shelters. That outraged members of the local sports community, who are rising up against the intrusion.

Vilda Vera Mayuga is the head of NYC’s Department of Consumer and Worker Protection. He is circulating petitions to thwart city leaders from closing down community sports facilities to erect shelters for migrants.

Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul had the idea to use a former military airbase in Brooklyn to house the migrants, but the Biden administration nixed that plan on Sunday. And, of course, more migrants continue to pour into the city.