Abbott Blasts Biden Administration Ove ‘Vendetta’ Against Texas

Although some critics on the right believe Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has not done enough to protect his state from the influx of undocumented migrants, his detractors on the left remain outraged over the steps he has already taken.

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams, for example, labeled the governor a “madman” for relocating a small fraction of the migrants in Texas, claiming that the number of individuals sent to his city would be enough to “destroy” it.

Now, the Biden administration appears to be taking aim at Texas with a new proposal that would require individuals who cross the border into the state from Mexico to remain in Texas while their asylum hearings play out. Whereas the “Remain in Mexico” policy of the previous administration put the onus on America’s southern neighbor and the current status quo allowed states to share the burden, Abbott says this policy would put undue stress on the already overwhelmed state.

More than 90% of the migrants who arrive in his state go on to be transported elsewhere, he said, noting that this would not be the case if the Biden administration’s current proposal is implemented.

“This is the only time in American history when anything like that has happened,” Abbott said in a recent interview. “Yes, the Biden administration has a vendetta against the state of Texas.”

Nevertheless, he said he is optimistic that, even if the new policy moves forward, it will be struck down in court.

“We’ll just hand him another loss if he tries this crazy game,” Abbott declared.

The governor took aim not only at the White House but also New York City and other so-called sanctuary jurisdictions. He lambasted leftist politicians who claim to welcome undocumented immigrants but “collapse like a cheap tent” when they experience some of the consequences his state has felt for years.

During a separate interview, Abbott responded to Adams’ recent name-calling with a message for the mayor.

“When I first heard that, I thought about Frank Sinatra singing ‘New York, New York’ when he sang, ‘If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere.’” the governor said. “Well, the mayor may have made it to be mayor of New York, but he could not last a week in Texas.”