Actor Condemns Biden For Sending More Money To Ukraine Than Maui

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider condemned President Joe Biden for giving more money to fund the war in Ukraine than to help the people suffering in Hawaii from the Maui wildfires.

The former “Saturday Night Live” cast member blasted the president in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Tuesday — arguing that “Biden hates Americans.”

In the tweet, he claimed that American taxpayers have funded Ukraine to the tune of roughly $115 billion — while the Biden administration only gave “$1.9 million dollars to American Maui fire victims.”

Biden touted the relatively insignificant aid to Maui in a Monday post on X that many claim was an attempt to do damage control after he callously stated “no comment” in response to questions about the wildfires during his vacation on the beach in Delaware.

“We’re laser-focused on getting aid to survivors, including Critical Needs Assistance: a one-time $700 payment per household offering relief during an unimaginably difficult time. We have staff on the ground dedicated to helping survivors navigate the registration process,” Biden’s official Twitter account wrote just hours after the backlash for his refusal to comment on the disaster began.

According to some estimates, the $700 per household adds up to a paltry $1.9 million — the same figure that Schneider cited in his tweet. Meanwhile, the federal government has sent billions of dollars to Ukraine — including $113 billion approved by Congress in 2022 alone.

Schneider wasn’t the only one to condemn Biden for the vast disparity between his financial support for actual American citizens and a foreign country.

“While Biden sends an additional $24 billion to Ukraine, families in Hawaii are getting $700 per household. Worse, the $700 payments don’t even offset the cost of inflation under Biden,” wrote Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ), sharing a screenshot of a CNN article from last week titled “US inflation means families are spending $709 more per month than two years ago.”

“When you add up all the money our government has given to Ukraine, it adds up to around $2,500 per Ukrainian. Yet the best they can do for victims of Hawaiian wildfires is $700 per household, which barely covers the $709 per month Americans have lost due to Bidenflation. The people who run our country actively hate the people they govern,” wrote Michael Seifert, CEO and founder of Public Square.

“Hawaii looks like this and only got $700 per household. Meanwhile, Ukraine has received BILLIONS in funding. Is Joe Biden asleep? Asking for a friend,” wrote the Elon Musk Parody account, sharing a video clip of charred remains of cars on the road in Maui after the wildfire.