AG Patrick Morrisey Thanks Trump Endorsement For Campaign Success

The leading West Virginia gubernatorial candidate, Patrick Morrisey, announced that his endorsement of former President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign was one of the big reasons he is leading in the gubernatorial primary. Morrisey hopes to replace Gov. Jim Justice.

Morrisey spoke with Breitbart News Saturday about how he wants to secure the Republican nomination for West Virginia’s gubernatorial election. He credited his Trump endorsement as the primary reason for leading the race, noting that he’s the only Republican candidate to endorse Trump’s reelection bid.

The leading candidate commented about Trump, saying he is very popular in West Virginia. Morrisey adds, “So many of these candidates are so afraid of the political elites in the media complex that they won’t speak out.” A poll revealed that 78% of Republicans wanted to see Trump run for President in 2024.

Morrisey continues, “We need candidates who are courageous, to step up and call this out for this political prosecution that it is against President Trump and be very clear that we cannot have a two-tiered justice system.”

Poll results reveal that Morrisey leads his next primary opponent by double digits. That same poll found that Trump is up 60 points in West Virginia’s Republican primary race. The two seem to be making quite an impact on the state.

Morrisey, who launched his gubernatorial bid in April, leads his GOP opponents with a 29.2% lead. No other candidates come close to hitting that mark; second place is quite distant for Secretary of State Mac Warner at 17.8%. Chris Miller is in third at 14.8%.

The pair have had each other’s back for a while now. In 2020, Trump endorsed Patrick Morrisey in a tweet. It stated, “West Virginia, Get Out and Vote for Patrick Morrisey for Attorney General!” The former President of the U.S. was responding to one of Morrisey’s tweets that said, “WV is winning under Trump!”

Trump is leading the national polls, sitting at 51.9%. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is coming in second at 18.6%, and Ramaswamy (R-OH) is in third at 6.8%. Mike Pence (R-IN) is close behind Ramaswamy at 6.3%. Another poll reveals that Trump’s GOP lead had increased after the latest indictment.