Amid Document Finding Debacle, Obama Office Declines Search

Classified documents seem to be popping up everywhere in the last few months. In November, President Joe Biden’s attorneys found a slew of documents from his time as vice president. Further classified docs were found at Biden’s personal home in Delaware, and now documents have been found at former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana home.

In all the hullabaloo surrounding the massive document discovery, former President Obama’s office has been strangely quiet regarding its plans to do a proactive search of its own. There’s been no announcement of any plans to search, much less details of when that might take place.

Fox News reached out to Obama’s staff on Tuesday after it was announced that Pence had found documents at his private residence. Pence has said that he decided to conduct a search himself after documents were found at the Biden residence. Obama’s Communications Director, Hannah Hankins, told Fox “We have nothing for you at this time.”

Currently, the Obamas have private homes in D.C., Martha’s Vineyard, and in New York City.

The possession of classified documents by former White House officials has become a nationwide interest since the August 8 raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. The raid came just two months before the midterm elections. Trump maintains that he has complied with federal subpoenas and surrendered sensitive materials.

Earlier in January, the media revealed that President Biden’s attorneys had found documents at a Penn Biden office they were cleaning out in November. However, they did not publicly announce these findings until nearly two months after the midterms. In the aftermath, even more, documents have been found at Biden’s private residence.

The Department of Justice has appointed a special counsel to investigate the matter. United States Attorney General Merrick Garland announced earlier this month that Jack Smith and Robert Hur would be looking into the handling of classified documents by both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Former Vice President Pence voluntarily turned over the documents he found at his Indiana home. Pence had told a reporter last year that he had no documents in his possession, however. Former President Trump spoke out via Truth Social on the matter, claiming that Pence has “never knowingly done anything wrong in his entire life.”