Biden Administration Secret Service Overlooked Pipe Bombs And Cocaine

Just The News recently revealed new U.S. Capitol footage that shows Kamala Harris entering a garage at the DNC headquarters with Secret Service in January 2021. This garage was just a few yards from where a pipe bomb was uncovered. The bomb was placed the night before by an unidentified suspect.

Not only that, but the recent cocaine scandal left Americans wanting answers, and those answers weren’t provided. The Biden Administration and his Secret Service could not solve the situation. Unfortunately, the severe circumstances of both incidents were seemingly swept under the rug.

These blunders surrounding the Secret Service have led to scrutiny and frustration. Why can’t they perform their duties by recognizing and neutralizing a threat concerning the pipe bomb? Why couldn’t they clarify who brought drugs into the White House?

According to experts on presidential security, the newly released security footage is raising some serious red flags. Top lawmakers are also perplexed about how the explosive device could be overlooked during standard security protocol. The Secret Service sweeps an area before the President or VP arrives at a location.

Barry Loudermilk (R-GA 11th District) commented about the footage, “When you look at the video, and you see the still pictures from the FBI, that pipe bomb was placed to be found.” He added, “How in the world was it not found before they brought the future vice president into the Democrat club there?”

The footage shows the suspect sitting on a park bench near the DNC’s garage entrance the night before January 6, 2021. The suspect held the explosive and planted it between the bench and a bush. This location was approximately 10 yards from the driveway.

Security Expert Charles Marino, who worked with the Secret Service for over two decades, told Just The News, “It’s obviously concerning, to be sure, because if the sweep was conducted of the area, then how was it missed or was it not there?”

He continues, “It was in very close proximity, as you can see from the video, to where the vice president-elect was.” Marino was also surprised that the suspect hadn’t been caught. “Even more disturbing is that we still don’t have an identified suspect for this going on well over two years.”

Marino’s concerns raise an essential and apparent leering question. Why can’t they find the pipe bomb suspect, but they made such great efforts to identify Jan. 6 riot suspects? He asked, “Why isn’t the same true for this person?”

He also questioned why the cocaine investigation was rushed, and no culprit was identified. Extreme measures were taken by federal authorities to identify suspects involved in Jan. 6. Those measures included reviewing video footage and social media activity, even setting up a webpage to help identify suspects.

The Secret Service threw in the towel in just eight short days and couldn’t supply answers for the cocaine in the White House, which is supposed to be one of the most secure facilities on earth. Marino said, “So my question is, why is this being treated as if this dime bag or eight ball of cocaine was found on a street corner in a major city?”

The White House maintains security by implementing various stringent security measures. Such as a 21-day advanced tour notice so they can perform background checks on visitors and there are no surprises the day of the tour. It also is equipped with drones, infrared sensors, and bulletproof windrows.