Biden Bans Religious Imagery From Easter Egg Art Contest

First Lady Jill Biden, the wife of President Joe Biden, will not allow Christian children to submit works of art with religious imagery to the White House’s Easter Egg art contest for children of military families this year.

Political correctness may have gone too far at the Biden White House when officials ask children to participate in an Easter egg art contest for the overtly Christian holiday, but tell them they are not allowed to include any imagery that is “overtly religious” in their submissions.

“On behalf of First Lady Jill Biden, The Adjutants General of the National Guard are asking youth from National Guard families across the United States and all U.S. territories to submit artwork inspired by the theme ‘Celebrating our Military Families,’” an announcement from the White House reads.

The letter is on behalf of Jill Biden because first ladies typically oversee White House functions related to holidays like Christmas and Easter. The art contest announcement says, “Children should depict on an egg template (see Art Submission form) a snapshot of their life – a favorite activity, scenery in your state, your military family, a day-in-your life, etc.”

However, the White House asked children to refrain from making any artwork that celebrates the reason for the holiday as part of their art. “The Submission must not include any questionable content, religious symbols, overtly religious themes, or partisan political statements,” the sanitized, politically correct announcement reads.

Easter Sunday is a traditional religious holiday in the Christian faith for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death on the cross, which is considered by Christians to be the theological victory of God over death so that people can live forever in the afterlife. Banning religion from an Easter holiday contest goes against the purpose of celebrating Easter.

Many troops serving in the armed forces are also devout Christians and found inspiration from their faith in Jesus to serve in the military. They say the sacrifice Jesus made of his life for the sake of the church inspires them to stand ready to sacrifice their lives for the country. The White House may try to whitewash Easter, but it remains a religious holiday.