Biden Tells Another Tall Tale On 9/11

As America commemorated the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Joe Biden delivered a speech that wasn’t just misleading but downright false. The latest fabrication involves Biden’s claim that he was at Ground Zero, the site of the World Trade Center’s destruction, on September 12, 2001. “I remember standing there the next day and looking at the building,” he asserted. But evidence paints a different picture, pointing out that Biden was nowhere near Ground Zero on that date.

Biden’s recollection starkly contradicts available records. C-SPAN’s coverage of the U.S. Senate proceedings on September 12, 2001, indicates that Biden was in Washington, D.C., giving a speech on the Senate floor. He was also the Democratic manager of a joint resolution condemning the terrorist attacks. A Gannett News Wire report at the time noted, “Delaware Sen. Joe Biden spent Wednesday exactly where he wanted — in the U.S. Senate.”

When confronted with this discrepancy, the White House’s response indicated that Biden visited Ground Zero on September 20, 2001. It conveniently skirted the specific claim about being there on September 12, the day after the attacks.

Given this discrepancy, one has to wonder about the motivation behind such a fallacious claim. Biden has a history of strained relationships with the truth. As Robert Spencer of PJ Media notes, “Either Biden’s dementia has rendered him so befogged that he can no longer distinguish reality from fantasy, or he is so dishonest, down to the very core of his being, that lying comes as naturally to him as breathing.”

The story gets worse when one considers that Biden was criticized for not visiting any of the 9/11 attack sites on the anniversary. His choice to give a speech in Alaska makes him the first U.S. president in 22 years to neither spend the day at an attack site nor at the White House.

It’s unlikely that the corporate media will give this significant attention, given their history of leniency toward Biden. However, for a nation that vows to “never forget,” the President’s false claim should not be swept under the rug. As we remember those lost on 9/11, let’s also recognize the importance of truth and integrity, values that should never be compromised, especially by those in the highest echelons of power.