Biden’s Latest Lie Is An Insult To 9/11 Survivors

President Joe Biden is mired in controversy this week after first breaking with tradition by not visiting any of the three sites of terrorist attacks committed on September 11, 2001. Then, while addressing the nation from Alaska, the president told a story about what it was like for him to personally witness the destruction the day after the events.

Independent sources have confirmed that Biden was in Washington D.C. in the days after the most horrific terrorist attack to strike the U.S. since the bombing of Pearl Harbor. In fact, Biden did not visit the scene until nine days later as part of a bipartisan Senate team. When asked about the discrepancy, the Biden administration simply sent a photograph of Biden at Ground Zero in New York City dated September 20, 2001.

The latest whopper only adds to the frustration that survivors of the attacks are experiencing. In August, the Biden administration informed families of the victims that the U.S. was considering a plea deal that would free five conspirators including one person believed to have been directly involved in the planning of the attacks. The five detainees have been held at Guantanamo Bay since the attacks 22 years ago.

Hardliners are also questioning the motivation behind a recent deal the Biden administration confirmed on September 11 that will free $6 billion in humanitarian aid for Iran while swapping five prisoners. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) accused the administration of being “blackmailed” into the deal, while Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) claimed that the deal “desecrates this day.”

Biden’s age has become a leading issue as the 2024 election nears. Both Democrats and Republicans question whether the 80-year-old career politician has the stamina to see another term through to the end. Biden’s frequent gaffes and outright lies are often attributed to his advanced age and an apparant decline in cognitive ability.

Biden just completed a five-day trip around the world in which he met with various world leaders. While speaking in Vietnam, Biden issued one of the most cringe-worthy speeches of his presidency. While claiming to quote a John Wayne movie, but referring to it as a song, Biden repeated the “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” quote he has used several times in the past.

He used the quote while denigrating people who do not view climate change as the immenent catastrophe the administration and members of the Democratinc party claim. No one has ever identified the movie in which the line is used and it is believed to be a uniquely “Uncle Joe” quote.

The quote can best be interpreted by breaking it apart. Dog-faced is an old way to say someone is ugly or grotesque, while “Pony Soldier” refers to the U.S. Army Cavalry responsible for the genocide of Native Americans during the Indian Wars. Biden has a habit of using the saying when asked questions by women which he does not want to answer. He is also well known for addressing female members of the press as “sweetheart,” a term closely associated with male chauvinism.

His latest lies and behavior only reinforce the perception that many people hold that he is out of touch with modern social norms and incapable of being honest.