Body Of Missing South Texas Woman Found In Mexico

The body of a south Texas woman who crossed into Mexico to visit relatives over the Easter holiday was found Friday in the border state of Nuevo Leon.

Authorities searched for 20-year-old Bionce Jazmin Anaya Cortez for several days before discovering her remains on a ranch. The death of the Mission, Texas, woman was confirmed Saturday night.

She was located in the community of El Verde, in the municipality of General Bravo, Nuevo Leon. Officials report that arrest warrants have been obtained against persons of interest in her murder, and the attorney general said that the investigation continues.

Mexican law enforcement reported Anaya Cortez died from contusions to the head and back. She was reported missing on April 6 after she left Mission to celebrate the holiday with family.

This is hardly an isolated incident as violent lawlessness in northern Mexico continues to affect U.S. travelers. The search continues for two Texas women missing since last month after they went on a flea market excursion across the border.

Sisters Marina Perez Rios, 48, Maritza Trinidad Perez Rios, 47, and their friend, Dora Alicia Cervantes Saenz, 47 have not been seen since they left to sell clothes in Nuevo Leon.

The sisters are legal U.S. residents from Penitas, a small Texas border town. Seanez lives in Mexico, according to local media.

Relatives report the sisters, who grew up in Nuevo Leon, made several previous trips to the market without incident. Perez Rios’ daughter, 27-year-old Maria Guadalupe Ramirez, told reporters that she last spoke to her mother on Feb. 25, the day after the trio crossed the border.

On March 3, four Americans were seen on video being abducted after a drug cartel shootout in Matamoros. The four were found days later in a wooden shack — two alive and two dead.

Nuevo Leon is under a siege of murders and kidnappings due to turf wars among powerful drug cartels. The Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas is in the middle of a two-front war with rivals, and innocents are paying the price.

Los Zetas is attempting to gain new territory from the Gulf Cartel and at the same time defending their area of drug distribution against the Sinaloa Cartel, which is attempting to encroach on its business.