Brazil Indicts Bolsonaro Over Allegedly Using Bogus COVID Card

Brazil’s far-left government stepped up its persecution of former President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday when it charged him with conspiracy and inserting false data into government information systems.

His crime? Accusers alleged that he wrongly claimed to have received the COVID-19 vaccine. For this, Bolsonaro faces an astounding 12 years in prison.

Following the pattern established by the Biden administration, the regime of convicted felon President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva continues to take legal action against his rival. Lula edged out Bolsonaro in the hotly contested presidential race of 2022.

The country’s leftists are widely believed to have rigged the presidential election to propel Lula into office. The Supreme Federal Tribunal, the nation’s highest court, overturned several convictions suffered by the extremist candidate.

This allowed him to run for office again.

The Armed Forces of Brazil then released a statement noting it could not confirm the absence of “fraud or inconsistency in the electronic voting machines or in the 2022 electoral process.”

The Brazilian comptroller’s office investigated claims that Bolsonaro was vaccinated during the pandemic in Sao Paulo in July 2021. Officials determined that he was not in the city at the time.

Now the indictment may be followed by charges of falsifying data from the prosecutor-general’s office.

Attorney Fabio Wajngarten blasted the accusations by federal police. He noted that, while president, Bolsonaro “was completely exempt from presenting any type of certificate on his trips.” Of particular note is a visit to the U.S. in the later days of his administration.

Wajngarten added, “This is political persecution and an attempt to empty the enormous political capital that has only been growing.”

If any of this sounds familiar, there’s a great reason. The Biden White House and his Democratic allies sprang into action as soon as it was determined that he would likely face former President Donald Trump in this year’s presidential election.

On the flimsiest of charges that have little if any precedent, state and federal officials targeted the 45th president. It was an obvious attempt to push him out of the race and punish him for having staunchly conservative views.

Likewise, Bolsonaro faces the full weight of the Brazilian government as left-wing forces attempt to silence another conservative. It was not enough that he lost a competitive and disputed election — he must be punished.