Georgia Father Attempts To Avoid Child Support By Poisoning Child

In Georgia, a father was sentenced to 50 years in prison for adding antifreeze to his newborn daughter Madison’s milk. The father, Curtis Jack, first admitted to the heinous crime but later denied it.

Investigators from the South Fulton Police began their case when they learned Jack had a child with a coworker in 2020. Jack, who had a stable job at Delta Airlines, pressured the woman to have an abortion.

She chose to keep the baby and gave birth on September 24, 2020. While she was in the hospital, Jack put antifreeze in some breastmilk on October 1.

He gave the poisoned milk to the baby’s grandmother who then fed it to Madison. Soon after, the baby became critically ill and needed emergency hospital care where she tested positive for ethylene glycol.

Jack initially said he poisoned the milk to escape child support payments but then withdrew his confession. This reversal confused investigators, especially since Jack had a well-paying job.

South Fulton Police Sergeant Pserda Dickerson told Channel 2 the case was particularly shocking as it involved an 18-day-old baby. He stressed that proving Jack’s guilt required more than just his confession.

Dickerson explained that the legal process demanded solid proof of Jack’s actions.

The jury convicted Jack on all charges including attempted murder. He must serve 40 of the 50 years in prison.

Despite her horrific ordeal and heartless poisoning, Madison made a full recovery and is now doing well.