​​California Reparations Task Force Mentions ‘Divorce’

Tensions ran high during the final meeting of the California Reparations Task Force this week, as citizens publicly denounced the United States for its historical role in slavery and demanded reparations.

The nine-member panel, following its previous recommendation, urged California state legislators to provide up to $1.2 million in reparations to Black residents, with some arguing the sum is far from sufficient.

Reggie Romanie, one of the fanatical speakers at the meeting, expressed his frustration with the recommended amount. He emphasized that reparations should truly embody the concept of “repair” for the injustices endured by Black Americans throughout history.

Referring to the controversial 1619 Project, which alleged the United States was founded to preserve slavery, Romanie accused the nation of a symbolic marriage to African-Americans and claimed it is time for a “divorce settlement.”

Sen. Steven Bradford (D-CA), another task force member, cautioned that achieving reparations might not happen within a single or even two legislative cycles, but emphasized the importance of continuous efforts towards this goal.

The task force also recommended a review of California’s past housing ordinances to address any instances of discriminatory practices. The ongoing discussions surrounding reparations reflect the enduring impact of historical injustices and the complexities of finding appropriate solutions.

Amid the fervent discussions, Don Tamaki, a Japanese-American attorney and task force member, highlighted the common ground between the Black American fight for reparations and the Japanese-American fight for justice.

Tamaki noted the profound influence of the Black Civil Rights Movement on igniting awareness and advocating for redress and reparations for various groups of “marginalized” people.

In addition to the financial reparations, the task force also urged a comprehensive review of California’s historical housing ordinances to address any discriminatory practices that may have perpetuated racial disparities. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) ultimately embraced the reparations proposal, further advancing the far-left’s woke agenda in his state.