COVID-19 Mandates Approaching Just In Time For 2024 Election

About a year ago, President Biden announced that the COVID “pandemic was over.” Now, with the 2024 election lurking around the corner, we are hearing more reports suggesting otherwise. The fear-mongering from the COVID-19 pandemic panned out well for Democrats in the last election.

The left gained control over many Americans during that chaotic time and could blame anything that went wrong or any number that increased on their scapegoat, former President Donald Trump. We all remember when Biden blamed Trump for 220,000 COVID deaths.

One of the most recent reports came in a few days ago when Hollywood Lionsgate announced they were reinstating employee mask mandates. Another came from journalist Collin Rugg, who shared a post revealing Morris Brown College in Atlanta is doing the same thing, but for students as well.

Lionsgate’s new rule will apply to around half of the company’s employees, who must again wear “medical grade” face masks. The rule applies to those alone in their offices with closed doors, eating or drinking at their workstation, or if they are the only person in a large workspace.

The company is conducting contact tracing and offers at-home COVID-19 testing kits. Brown College stated that students must wear masks, but staff members can take them off in their offices. The announcement also included physical distancing, isolation and quarantine, and temperature checks.

It’s kind of like we’re having bad deja vu. These mandates are something that literally no one wants to experience again. It’s also sickening to know that the left is willing to pull a stunt like this before the election, knowing perfectly well what the consequences were the first time they pushed this.

We saw general suicide rates, as well as youth suicide rates, grow during the pandemic and the lockdowns, restrictions, etc. We saw countless businesses shut their doors temporarily and permanently; we saw families and individuals struggling to find ways to provide for themselves. The pandemic was ruthless.

However, the rules, guidelines, lockdowns, and obstacles were more damaging than the virus for many Americans. Some still haven’t recovered fully from the impact of those excessive restrictions. Yet here we are again, hearing more and more about these reintroduced mandates and rules.

Americans don’t need more COVID mandates and barriers. That’s especially true right before the 2024 presidential election, which could impact their ability to go out and vote. Something fishy seems to be happening, and the timing couldn’t be more obvious.

This spike in COVID coverage and liberal outlets citing increases in case numbers appears to be a ploy to start another panic campaign. The CDC is also following suit with recently shared photos of employees wearing masks in a meeting when only a few days prior posted one without masks.