Democrats Plead For End To Biden Investigation

Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY), a minority member of the House Oversight Committee, has made the corporate media rounds this week, fervently demanding an end to the ongoing investigation into President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Goldman’s assertion, most directly made during his Monday interview on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” was that the inquiry was tantamount to “badgering a private citizen” with “no legitimate legislative purpose.” But many American citizens, left in the dark about the Bidens’ international business connections, would beg to differ.

The Biden family’s overseas business dealings have become the center of scrutiny, with allegations suggesting that Hunter Biden may have used his father’s position to advance his financial interests. Goldman insists neither Biden received a $5 million payment, and any payments from Burisma to Hunter went through a joint account during the tenure of Devon Archer, Hunter’s former business partner.

Goldman further emphasized that Americans do not care about the allegations against the Bidens. However, this is a projection rather than an objective analysis of public sentiment. Yes, of course, Americans care deeply about the cost of their groceries and healthcare. Still, they also care about the integrity and transparency of their leaders. This investigation is not about Hunter Biden; it’s about whether the President of the United States has been truthful with the American people.

Defending Hunter Biden, Goldman stated that President Biden’s discussions with his son’s business associates revolved around benign topics such as “the weather or whatever.” It’s an odd claim, given the frequency of these discussions. Even if we accept Goldman’s narrative, the question still stands: Why was the then-Vice President of the United States so often present in his son’s business calls?

Watch the video of Goldman’s interview with Cooper:

Some critics have found Goldman’s explanations insufficient, voicing their concerns about the potential implications of such regular communication between the Bidens and Hunter’s international business partners. It is concerning when critics question the nature of such interactions, wondering whether they suggest selling the “brand” of the then-Vice President’s position.

Joe Biden long maintained no discussions between the President and Hunter about the latter’s overseas business activities. The narrative has recently subtly shifted, with the White House now asserting that Joe Biden “was never in business with his son.” Yet, the change in language does nothing to reassure those skeptical of the Bidens’ transparency and integrity. Instead, it underscores the need for the investigation that Goldman ardently wants to stop.

Goldman’s comments may serve his party well, painting the ongoing investigation as a pointless pursuit against a “private citizen.” But the American people are not naive. They know that the essence of democracy lies in accountability, and their leaders are not above it. The investigation into the Bidens’ business dealings isn’t about harassing a private citizen; it’s about ensuring that those in power remain answerable to the people they serve.