Did Ashley Biden’s Diary Lead To Legal Trouble For James O’Keefe?

James O’Keefe, who started the well-known conservative group Project Veritas, is now being closely watched by law officials. While some say he wrongly used the organization’s money for personal gains, others wonder if this is just a way to distract from a recent scandal involving a diary that belonged to Ashley Biden, President Biden’s daughter.

For years, Project Veritas has been famous, especially among conservative news sources, for its secret ways of exposing possible wrongdoings by groups, the media, and politicians. Through these methods, O’Keefe’s group has revealed many big stories, getting both praise and criticism.

The charges against O’Keefe mention lavish personal spending on things like fancy flights, luxury cars, and big events. But we also need to think about when and why this investigation started. Some people believe it began because of how Project Veritas got hold of Ashley Biden’s personal items. Jeffrey Lichtman, who is defending O’Keefe, thinks the real reason might be related to unhappy past workers of the group. He feels these former staff members didn’t like how the organization spent its money, especially on things that helped raise even more money. Lichtman strongly believes they will win if this goes to court.

After O’Keefe left, Project Veritas faced some hard times. Many hoped that the new leader, Hannah Giles, would make things better. But she has had her own set of problems, especially with getting funds. This is strange because, with O’Keefe in charge, Project Veritas had made over $20 million in one year, according to tax records.

It makes people wonder why O’Keefe was asked to leave. Was it truly about money? Or was it because the group tackled some big stories, like the one about Ashley Biden’s diary?
Hannah Giles said that she and Project Veritas had no part in starting the investigation into O’Keefe. But, after many workers were suddenly let go through a computer meeting tool called Microsoft Teams, there are even more questions. This move showed a group that seemed lost and confused, very different from how it used to be.

For more on what happened between O’Keefe and Project Veritas’s leaders earlier, watch this report: