Epstein’s Calendar Unveils Meetings With Global Elites

Jeffrey Epstein had scheduled meetings with international business and political figures, according to his private calendar, which was obtained by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). This revelation sheds light on Epstein’s relationships with powerful individuals even after his conviction.

Among those who had scheduled meetings with Epstein were Kathryn Ruemmler, former Obama White House counsel and current Goldman Sachs executive. The documents revealed that Epstein and Ruemmler met over three dozen times between her time in government and her current position. However, a Goldman Sachs spokesperson clarified that Ruemmler had a professional relationship with Epstein and never traveled with him.

Moreover, Epstein connected Ruemmler with Ariane de Rothschild, the current CEO of Swiss private bank Edmond de Rothschild Group. This introduction led to the bank hiring Latham & Watkins for U.S. regulatory purposes. Epstein and de Rothschild met more than a dozen times for business deals and other matters. The bank later stated that de Rothschild was unaware of Epstein’s past and now supports the victims.

Epstein’s calendar also showed scheduled meetings with CIA Director William Burns, Bard College President Leon Botstein, and Professor Noam Chomsky. A spokesperson for Burns said he met Epstein a decade ago when introduced as an expert in financial services. Ruemmler, on the other hand, expressed regret for ever knowing Epstein.

Botstein, who has served as Bard College’s president since 1975, said he met with Epstein to secure donations for the liberal arts school. Chomsky, professor of linguistics emeritus at MIT, confirmed that he had met Epstein, and the two discussed politics and academia.

In addition to these figures, other prominent individuals listed in the documents include Joshua Cooper Ramo, a board member for Starbucks and FedEx at the time; former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak; Harvard University professor Martin Nowak; and anthropologist Helen Fisher.

Epstein was convicted in 2008 for procuring and soliciting a minor for prostitution. In July 2019, federal prosecutors charged him with alleged human trafficking. He was found dead in his jail cell the following month. Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s partner and co-conspirator, was sentenced to 20 years in prison in June 2022.

The recent unveiling of Epstein’s private calendar raises questions about the motivations behind these scheduled meetings with influential figures. It also highlights the extent of Epstein’s network in the years following his conviction. With this new information, holding accountable those who enabled or were complicit in Epstein’s illicit activities is crucial, ensuring justice for the victims.