FBI Considered Labeling Ashli Babbitt As Terrorist After Her Death

According to FBI documents obtained by the legal watchdog Judicial Watch, the government was contemplating doing an investigation on Ashli Babbitt, the woman who was shot and killed on Jan. 6, 2021, by a U.S. Capitol police officer.

Just eight days after her death, the FBI stated that she potentially violated four federal laws, including felony rioting and civil disorder. It then considered placing her on the terrorist watch list.

“Babbitt is deceased and therefore this case is not being nominated” to the terrorist database, the FBI concluded.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton could not contain his shock that the government would consider pressing against the unarmed 36-year-old wife and businesswoman after her death.

“It is beyond belief that the Biden FBI gave Ashli Babbitt’s killer a free pass while engaging in a malicious months-long ‘criminal’ investigation of Babbitt herself,” Fitton stated.

According to the 62 pages of documents given to Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act, Babbitt entered the Speaker’s Lobby behind the House floor and showed that her hands were empty. That was when Lt. Michael Byrd of the Capitol Police shot her without warning.

Even more disgusting, he was never charged with her murder. Instead, his identity was hidden for eight months by Congress, the Justice Department and DC police, according to Judicial Watch. He was placed in a hotel at Joint Base Andrews and did not come forward until he was exonerated of murder.

The report also included an interview conducted with an unidentified person who knew Babbitt, trying to show that she knew what she was getting herself into.

The person being interviewed “judged that BABBITT likely recognized that entering the Capitol was unauthorized and knew the risk. In that situation [redacted] assessed that Babbitt followed the crowd and felt secure being amongst like-minded individuals. [Redacted] judged that her leadership nature may have taken hold when she attempted to enter a new room within the Capitol where she was shot. [Redacted] judged that she likely did not know the risk of passing through the widow. BABBITT would never ‘go after someone physically’ according to [redacted],” according to the FBI report.
Judicial Watch is currently suing the Biden administration for $30 million for Babbitt’s death on behalf of her family, stating that it acts “as if” she caused the deaths of the other people who died at the Capitol.