FBI Expert Supports Investigation Into Biden Crime Family

Former FBI Assistant Director of Intelligence Kevin Brock confirmed Thursday what many Americans already suspected. The mountain of evidence uncovered by Congress on financial activities of the Biden family is more than enough to warrant bribery and money laundering probes.

Speaking on “Just the News, No Noise,” Brock observed that the sheer amount of money involved that’s been uncovered is a telling sign. He noted the “structured money laundering that’s obviously been set up.”

The combination led to the very reasonable conclusion, according to Brock, that the Biden family was for sale.

Further evidence released Wednesday by congressional investigators showed that Biden family-related firms took in over $20 million from foreign sources.

Some of the funds even came from embattled oligarchs who later had private dinners with Joe Biden while he was Barack Obama’s vice president.

A sure sign that the Biden crime family schemes are falling apart came Friday when the Department of Justice submitted a filing to dismiss the presidential son’s plea agreement. In late July, Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal disintegrated and he was forced to plead “not guilty” to tax charges.

This came after a federal judge shockingly refused to accept the deal.

Embattled Attorney General Merrick Garland surprised many when he elevated David Weiss to U.S. Special Counsel on Friday. Weiss had been the federal prosecutor handling the Hunter Biden case, but now he has expanded authority to probe the president’s son.

At issue, however, is the fact that Weiss signed off on the sweetheart deal concerning tax and gun charges in the first place.

Now he is charged with investigating the far more serious matter of tens of millions of dollars in unexplainable funds from foreign sources pouring into the president’s son.

Exactly how much credibility does he bring to this new investigation?

Weiss said on Friday that Hunter Biden may now face a trial on criminal charges. This statement came shortly after his status in the investigation was raised by Garland.

The 2024 presidential race already features the unprecedented embarrassment of an incumbent president spearheading dozens of felony charges against his most powerful rival. Now that president’s son faces a strong likelihood of criminal charges during his reelection campaign.