FBI Whistleblower Slams Congress Massive Spending Bill

FBI whistleblower Steve Friend, who once blew the whistle on corruption surrounding the FBI’s Jan. 6 investigation and targeting of Trump supporters, slammed Republicans in Congress on Saturday for passing a $1.2 trillion spending package, chalking it up to “cowardice.”

Friend responded to a post by his congressman, Rep. Max Miller (R-OH), who said, “I voted to pass today’s funding package. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better than the alternative: 6 more months of Biden-Pelosi-Schumer spending.”

“The ‘alternative’ was stopping the border invasion and defunding the weaponized @FBI,” Friend retorted. “That’s why the GOP was given a House majority.”
He went on to declare that “too many” Republican congressmen believe that further harming the country is “PREFERABLE to a temporary, partial government shutdown. Transparent cowardice.”

The federal omnibus spending bill, a massive yearly fiscal package, includes funding for abortion, the politically weaponized FBI, and liberal gender ideology and LGBT groups, including one that preys on young girls going through puberty by supplying them with unregulated chest binders without getting permission from their parents.

Americans pay nearly $1 trillion every fiscal year on top of spending bills like the omnibus bill to service the interest on the national debt at the U.S. Treasury. That is nearly 40% of yearly personal income tax contributions to the IRS merely to pay interest on Washington’s reckless borrowing. The federal government is growing faster than ever under President Joe Biden.

“Here we are again. The swamp is back,” Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) said while speaking against the bill. Roy pointed out that the bill’s supporters in the GOP were breaking their campaign promises to voters. He said any Republicans voting for it “will be voting to fund the very policies you campaigned against.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said: “Mike Johnson has barely been Speaker for 6 months and led us to a complete catastrophe by passing [the] Chuck Schumer omnibus wishlist. He failed to keep his promises, including using the appropriations process to secure our border! We need a Speaker who will lead the Republican Party and leverage our majority in the House.”