Fruit Roll-Ups Manufacturer To TikTok Users: Don’t Eat Plastic

New and sometimes dangerous challenges continue to emerge in the wide-open world of social media. One recent TikTok trend has seen users allegedly eating the inedible plastic wrap included with Fruit Roll-Ups, a popular fruit-flavored snack. The attention the practice has attracted has prompted the company behind Fruit Roll-Ups to issue a warning on the platform, advising against consuming the plastic wrap.

This development coincides with TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew’s appearance this week before Congress to address concerns about the app’s potential risks to U.S. national security. Among the concerns raised were the app’s potential to harm children through its addictive features and dangerous posts and the possibility of U.S. user data falling into the hands of the Chinese government. Chew has denied sharing data with the Chinese Communist Party and stated that the company is working on measures to prevent China-based employees from accessing U.S. data.

While the Fruit Roll-Ups wrapper-eating trend may seem trivial compared to these more significant issues, it highlights the broader problem of potentially harmful content on social media platforms like TikTok. With 150 million Americans reportedly using the app, parents and users must remain vigilant and discerning when engaging with content, particularly when it involves potentially dangerous actions or challenges.

In addition to the plastic wrapper trend, other TikTok users have experimented with different ways of consuming Fruit Roll-Ups, such as freezing them for an icy treat or even combining them with ice cream. While these methods may be less harmful than ingesting plastic, they can still pose risks. For example, the combination of sour Fruit Roll-Ups and ice cream may result in a crunchy snack that could hurt the teeth of some consumers.

The popularity of these challenges and trends on TikTok demonstrates the power and influence of social media in shaping user behavior. As a result, both users and platforms must take responsibility for promoting safe and responsible content consumption. In the case of Fruit Roll-Ups, the company took a proactive approach by warning users about the potential danger of eating plastic wrap.

Social media users and parents should approach trends with skepticism and critical thinking to protect their safety and the well-being of others.