Intelligence Committee Member Supports Inquiry On Biden Family

Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA), who recently joined the GOP-led House Intelligence Committee, agreed to the idea of a national security damage assessment on the Biden family, following reports of classified papers turning up at numerous locations linked to Joe Biden.

“I think so,” Scott said during a Thursday appearance on the John Solomon Reports podcast when answering if such an inquiry ought to occur. “I would also tell you that the difference I see is that the Biden documents were in an area where other people clearly had access to them. And I have serious questions about the amount of wealth that the Biden family has.”

The Democrat president faced increased scrutiny by the media after recent reports about classified documents being discovered at his personal residence and in an office he had gone to after his time as vice president.

Biden, at least since he assumed the White House after the 2020 election, has faced questions over if he was attempting to make money off of shady overseas business deals led by his son, Hunter.

“I just don’t, I don’t see how you accumulate that much making $175,000 a year,” Scott said when commenting on Biden’s vast sums of money. “I guess he made a little more as vice president, maybe $300,000 a year. But I don’t see how you accumulate that type of wealth that he has.”

Scott said that anybody caught illegally storing classified papers should be held to account.

“It’s not OK that the documents were found and in possession of Republicans either,” said the Georgia representative. “I think that we’re going to have to do a very serious review of how classified documents are handled in the executive branch.”

Scott lambasted the performance of the Biden administration in a speech he delivered earlier this month, arguing that the debt limit crisis was orchestrated by Biden and the Democrat majority.

“There are serious consequences to a default, but that is all part of their agenda,” he wrote online.