Kentucky State Senator Proposes Dolls For Pedophiles

Kentucky State Sen. Karen Berg (D-Louisville) promoted rebranding pedophiles as “minor attracted persons” and giving them dolls to act out their depraved fantasies.

The shocking statements were made during a Feb. 29 congressional committee meeting in which Kentucky lawmakers were discussing HB 207, a bill which would make it a felony to be in possession of a doll stylized as a child to be used for adult purposes.

To the visible discomfort of the lawmakers in the room, Berg addressed her colleagues and began telling them of her personal internet research on the subject. She then vocalized the radical talking point of referring to pedophiles as “MAPs,” an acronym for “minor attracted persons.” Of course, the rebranding of the word is a political tactic designed to try and make the public more sympathetic towards people attracted to children.

Continuing her remarks, she described in a positive light selective and limited research that concluded that the use of child-like dolls in adult ways reduced the urges of pedophiles to attempt to violate children in real life.

Glaringly, the “research” completely ignores the fact that by promoting the indulgence of twisted fantasies, a person may also be more likely to attempt to act them out in real life. Indeed, there is a long history that examines the motives of criminals and what led to acting out their ideas, and reveling in their evil thoughts and desires before the act has always been a precursor.

Berg is no stranger to being sympathetic to people on similar issues. Her son was a transgender activist who tragically died by suicide in 2022. When news of his passing broke, she said that although he was mentally ill, it was his “difficulty finding acceptance” that took him over the edge.

Despite voicing her sympathy for pedophiles, Berg ended up voting in favor of the bill in a unanimous vote. Nevertheless, her comments have generated considerable public backlash and Republicans have condemned her views.

With the string of social upheavals in the last decade, this is the point society is now at. Drastic changes to time-honored marriage laws and a constant atmosphere of gender politics has taken Western nations to the doorstep of public sympathy with pedophilia. Although there were loud warnings about this slippery slope for years, the objections were often met with scoffing or indifference. And yet, how quickly everything has unraveled in such a short amount of time.