Mainstream Media Lied About Big Tech And Biden Collusion

Corporate media threw a temper tantrum over the recent ruling by a federal judge prohibiting the Biden administration from directly influencing censorship activities by social media platforms.

U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty recognized what is obvious to any first-year law student — the government has no business interfering with the free flow of information.

This is not yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. Rather it is questioning hurriedly developed and untested vaccines or the results of a hotly contested election.

Both are debates that a free and healthy republic will survive. But the mainstream media had a collective fit when Doughty struck down this onerous collusion.

That foot stomping, however, is just a smokescreen.

Any true defenders of the First Amendment would be horrified at the thought of Washington directly telling outlets what should not be read.

But leftists are not defenders of individual liberties, only those that are wedged into their narrow worldview. For these radicals and their media allies, government censorship achieves their goals and is thus an acceptable practice.

So they lied.

Before the nation plunged into lockdowns and COVID controversies and before the disputed 2020 presidential election, Big Media was already circling the wagons.

In 2019, The Atlantic claimed, “Google and Facebook aren’t infringing on the right’s freedom of expression, but insisting otherwise is politically convenient.” Funny, but that did not convince the majority of Americans.

Just a year later, Pew Research discovered that “most Americans think social media sites censor political views.” This despite The Atlantic’s breathless assertion that you should move on and there is nothing to see here.

Flash forward to the more recent Twitter Files. Nearly daily revelations of evidence of the government actively participating in censorship with compliant Big Tech were shrugged off as a nonstory by the media.

But Americans saw the truth.

They are aware that the damaging story of Hunter Biden’s laptop was suppressed, and they know that the Trump presidential campaign did not collude with Moscow to sway the U.S. election.

And they are well aware that they have been lied to.

Democrats are experts at painting everything that exposes their insidious practices as a “conspiracy theory.” But it doesn’t take a tinfoil hat to see the truth about social media censorship, and the mainstream media worked overtime to cover it up.