Meghan Markle’s ‘Archetypes’ Podcast Cancelled After One Season

Sources familiar with the matter have indicated that Meghan Markle’s “Archetypes” podcast on Spotify will not be renewed for a second season. This decision comes as a result of the audio company’s restructuring efforts and revamped strategy regarding podcasting.

Sources have revealed that the producers of the show, which delved into the barriers that impede women’s progress, have been informed that a second season will not proceed. Discussions regarding the potential for another season took place several months ago, but ultimately, the decision was made not to move forward.

Markle’s podcast stands as the sole project that she and her husband, Prince Harry, accomplished for Spotify Technology following their approximately $20 million deal with the company in late 2020. However, sources familiar with the matter disclosed that the couple had not met the productivity targets necessary to receive the complete payout outlined in the agreement.

The decision to cancel the podcast serves as an indication of the ongoing transformations within the podcast market. Although the format enjoys popularity among listeners, it has proven challenging for Spotify and many of its competitors to generate significant profits from it.

A spokesperson for Markle said, “The team behind ‘Archetypes’ remain proud of the podcast they created at Spotify. Meghan is continuing to develop more content for the ‘Archetypes’ audience on another platform.”

Markle recently inked a deal with talent agency WME. According to a reliable source, discussions are currently underway regarding potential alternative platforms for Archewell content, Markle’s media company.

In a recent development, Spotify carried out layoffs last week, affecting 200 employees, a significant number of whom were audio engineers. The company unveiled a redefined strategy for podcasting, which involves expanding show availability beyond the Spotify platform and shifting its focus towards providing creator tools for podcasters rather than creating original content.

Upon its debut in August, “Archetypes” swiftly climbed to the pinnacle of Spotify’s most popular podcasts, securing a prominent position on the charts of most listened-to shows. The podcast featured a star-studded lineup of celebrity guests, ranging from comedians Trevor Noah and Mindy Kaling to singer Mariah Carey, tennis player Serena Williams and media personality Paris Hilton.