Megyn Kelly Urges Tucker Carlson To Defy Fox News

Popular conservative commentator Megyn Kelly recently encouraged Tucker Carlson to break free from his still-existing contract with Fox News and explore other opportunities. According to Kelly’s tweet, she believes Carlson should void his contract and let Fox take him to court if the network wishes to attempt silencing him for the remainder of the election season.

This advice comes in response to a report from Brian Stelter, arguing that Fox News only has to pay Carlson and is not obliged to air his content anymore. With his contract active until January 2025, Carlson is currently unable to work for other networks. However, if he were to forfeit the pay and be released from his contract, he could potentially choose from multiple offers from other organizations.

Newsmax, for instance, has shown great interest in Carlson. Sources say they are considering offering him not only a primetime show but also the opportunity to program the entire channel. NewsNation is also reportedly interested in the former Fox News host and CNN’s recently-ousted Don Lemon.

Kelly’s tweet accuses Fox News of relentlessly smearing Carlson, likely referring to unseen behind-the-scenes footage released by left-wing group Media Matters. Ironically, the intent was to harm Carlson’s reputation, but it only made him more endearing to his fans. It remains unclear how Media Matters obtained the footage, as Fox News sent a cease-and-desist letter demanding the group stop leaking it.

This situation is not the first time Fox News has parted with big-name hosts like Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith, and Greta Van Susteren. Historically, the network has regained its audience and maintained its position as a cable news juggernaut. However, Victor Davis Hanson, a fellow at the Hoover Institute, believes Fox News may be overestimating its ability to bounce back after firing Carlson.

Hanson argues that the conservative movement has changed dramatically since the early days of Fox News, with populism and nationalism taking center stage. He sees Carlson as the symbolic point man for these shifts, making replicating his chemistry with the audience difficult. The big question, according to Hanson, is whether Fox News will allow Carlson to pursue opportunities in other venues without risking uncertain litigation.

As the wait for Carlson’s next move continues, it is uncertain how Fox News or any other entity can legally impede his potential return on a competing platform.