New Evidence Vindicates Trump’s 2020 Claims About Biden Corruption

Even as the federal government and social media platforms apparently colluded to suppress information about Hunter Biden’s laptop and other damning evidence related to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 election, his rival repeatedly levied harsh accusations on the campaign trail and during debates.

In the nearly three years since, a trove of new claims — many of which have been backed up by documentation — have further highlighted the Biden family’s apparent willingness to trade political influence for financial gain.

The evidence that has piled up throughout Biden’s first term appears to validate the concerns Trump brought to light during one September 2020 debate in particular.

“China ate your lunch, Joe,” the then-president declared at the time. “And no wonder your son goes in and … takes out billions of dollars. He takes out billions of dollars to manage. He makes millions of dollars. And also, while we’re at it, why is it — just out of curiosity — the mayor of Moscow’s wife gave your son three and a half million dollars?”

After Biden denied the claim, Trump added: “What did he do to deserve it? What did he do with Burisma?”

The second question related to the younger Biden’s lucrative deal with a Ukrainian energy company, prompting Biden to claim that his son “did nothing wrong” while raking in millions from Burisma.

“I think he did,” Trump insisted.

Biden went on to claim that the allegations against his family had been “thoroughly discredited” without offering any proof.

When Trump asked who had discredited the accusations of wrongdoing, Biden asserted that it was “the media.”

The next month, Biden and Trump squared off for another debate, this time in the wake of widely suppressed reports by the New York Post about sordid evidence found on a laptop believed to have belonged to Hunter Biden.

Trump brought up the revelations at the time, even as mainstream media outlets and the intelligence community continued to describe them as unreliable.

Subsequent updates indicate that the FBI confirmed the authenticity of the laptop and its contents months before reports about it began to surface.