New Yorkers Chant ‘Pasty White Liberals’ At Open Borders Activists

A large group of New Yorkers gathered outside of Gracie Mansion, the residence of New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D), on Sunday to protest the city’s decision to set up camps for illegal aliens in residential neighborhoods.

During the demonstration outside the mayor’s home, a group of radical open borders activists showed up to counter-protest.

Those who were opposed to the illegal alien camps, who appeared to be a diverse group of individuals who were actual residents of New York City, began shouting at the open borders activists — who appeared to all be White women who traveled to the area to protest.

“Pasty White liberals!” they chanted at the open borders activists.

Several far-left activists who appeared to be members of ANTIFA were arrested during the demonstration for attacking anti-illegal immigration protesters.

The New Yorkers were gathered to protest Adams’ decision to resettle thousands of illegal aliens into their neighborhoods. One of the proposed locations that brought the most outrage was the former St. John Villa Academy, where Staten Island residents are angry because Adams’ decision would put the illegal aliens directly inside their tight-knit neighborhood.

That move was temporarily blocked by Staten Island Supreme Court Justice Wayne Ozzi but was overturned hours later by the Appellate Court after the city appealed the decision.

Speaking with CBS News, one Staten Island resident described Adams’ decision as “unfair” — arguing that their “tax dollars shouldn’t be going to this.”

The massive influx of illegal aliens into New York thanks to the Biden administration’s open borders policies and New York City’s “sanctuary” status is set to cost the city’s taxpayers roughly $12 billion by mid-2025.

New York City residents have been protesting Adams and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) for their continued support of illegal immigration and their continued use of taxpayer dollars to house and provide resources for illegals. One of the most prominent protesters is former Republican candidate for New York City mayor Curtis Silwa, who has been arrested at several different protests for what he calls “civil disobedience” against illegal alien camps in recent weeks.

“We need to take care of Americans first. Migrants, illegals, to the back of the line,” Silwa, founder of the Guardian Angels, wrote in a press release. “Why do these illegal aliens get to jump the queue and jump to the top and front of the line?”