NY High Schoolers Stage Walk-Out Protest Against Gender Ideology

Students at a New York high school staged a massive protest on Monday, walking out of class to signal their opposition to the school district’s attempts to force them to share restrooms with members of the opposite gender.

It appears that the radical left’s push of gender ideology on American youth is backfiring massively — as walkouts and protests have become common in recent months at schools across the country. However, the latest student protest has surprised many because it occurred at a high school in a leaning-left county in deep-blue New York.

According to Breitbart News, the Wappingers Central School District — which includes John Jay High School and other campuses — has implemented a new policy allowing students to choose to use whichever restroom they feel comfortable in, rather than requiring them to use the restroom that corresponds with their actual gender.

This policy outraged students at John Jay High School, prompting those who disagreed with the decision to walk out of class. One student, Shauna Neilan, told a local news station that there was a common-sense, middle-ground solution to the problem that would make everyone “comfortable” — creating other separate spaces for individuals who claim to be the opposite gender. The school district’s new policy forces actual boys and girls to be uncomfortable to appease a very small minority of students, while Neilan’s solution should theoretically make everyone comfortable.

Neilan explained that “a bunch of people from our school, John Jay, feel uncomfortable.”
“We want to change that and give them their own spaces to make us more comfortable and them more comfortable,” she added.

Of course, radical gender ideologues at the school held a counter-protest — which was very small and mainly consisted of adults. While the initial massive protest was organic and organized by the students, the small counter-protest was manufactured by the radical leftist group “Defense of Democracy,” which has described its goal as educating “the public about the value of inclusivity and the importance of emotional and physical safety for all individuals within the American public-school and library systems.”

Obviously, that goal is a lie, considering the fact that they do not seem to care about the “emotional and physical safety” of “all individuals” — as their demands only satisfy the radical minority.

Students initially circulated a petition, which has since been deleted, asserting that several incidents have occurred in the school’s restrooms involving students who force themselves into the bathroom that does not correspond with their actual gender.

District Superintendent Dwight Bonk has claimed that he is unaware of any of these incidents. He also falsely claimed in a statement that “we are going to continue to provide a safe environment for all of our students. And all means all, each and every one of them” — ignoring the fact that their new policy does not provide a safe environment at all.

Bonk further explained that a New York state law is behind the new policy, as it orders public school districts to allow students to choose which bathroom they wish to use regardless of their actual gender. “We want to support all of their rights, but we’re also going to be following the proper protocol that we are responsible for following,” he added.

The district superintendent also issued a threat to the students who dared to protest the new policy, declaring that they would soon be forced to undergo conduct-related conversations.

This is far from the first time that teenagers have been forced to stand up for their own rights in response to radical gender ideology. While many American adults have been fearful of standing up to the woke mob, teenagers across the country have staged walkout protests against being forced to share a restroom with a member of the opposite gender — including at Perkiomen Valley School District in Pennsylvania last year.

Students also staged a protest against similar policies in Loudoun County, Virginia, last year.