NYC Considers Housing Illegals In Shipping Containers On The Street

As illegal aliens continue to flood across the southern border amid the Biden administration’s border crisis, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is reportedly considering combatting the increase in illegal aliens in his city by housing them in shipping containers and pre-fabricated homes on the city’s streets.

Since spring 2022, roughly 100,000 illegal aliens have arrived in New York City — where, despite being a “sanctuary city,” Adams has claimed, “there is no room.”

The Democrat mayor has grown desperate in his response to the crisis — and has even tried to pawn off the problem on the rest of the state by busing the illegal aliens out into the surrounding suburbs and upstate New York.

Now, according to a source who spoke to the New York Daily News, Adams’ office is reportedly considering housing illegal aliens in shipping containers, tents and pre-fabricated houses directly on the streets of New York City.

The outlet goes on to note that other potential solutions being considered by the Adams administration include “using Fort Dix in New Jersey, the Citi Field parking lot and renting out several defunct hospitals and psychiatric facilities upstate and on Long Island, according to a source with direct knowledge of the proposals.”

“Using trailers, pre-fabs, and converted containers is also being considered for use in parking lots at Citi Field and Aqueduct. Options for outside the city include currently out-of-use facilities at the Pilgrim and Kings Park Psychiatric Centers on Long Island, the Rockland Psychiatric Center, medical facilities in Buffalo, as well as Fort Dix in New Jersey,” the outlet added.

Former City Council speaker Christine Quinn, who now heads Women in Need, condemned the Adams administration’s plan in a statement to the New York Daily News — calling it “the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard.”

“It has been challenging to have sidewalk cafés in the street. We’re going to put people in the street? That is just asinine, and quite frankly, it’s one of those things that people put on a list so people like me will get enraged about it, and then they’ll slip something else bad in — but that isn’t quite as bad,” Quinn’s statement read.

City Councilwoman Diana Ayala also responded to the plan in a statement to the outlet, emphasizing that there was “absolutely no way in hell” she would support housing illegal aliens in shipping containers on the street.

Illegal immigration costs New Yorkers nearly $8 million per day. According to estimates from Adams’ office, illegal immigration is projected to cost city taxpayers roughly $12 billion by 2025.