NYC Democrats Urge Biden To Declare Immigration Emergency

When Republican leaders in states along the U.S.-Mexico border took action to stem the tide of undocumented immigrants flooding their communities, many leftist politicians and media outlets labeled them racist or anti-immigrant.

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing earlier this year, U.S. Rep. Greg Casar (D-TX) declared: “Right-wing members of Congress are openly embracing racist conspiracy theories, stoking fear, and spreading lies about immigrants despite the very real and dangerous consequences their policies have.”

Now that the illegal immigration crisis has taken root in communities across the nation, a growing number of Democrats are starting to echo those supposedly “right-wing” sentiments.

Reports indicate that dozens of Democrats in New York City are pushing for action by President Joe Biden as the self-described “sanctuary city” has become inundated with migrants.

In just a little over a year, more than 90,000 undocumented immigrants have arrived in the Big Apple, and 54 local Democratic leaders recently penned a letter to Biden complaining about the “unprecedented” toll that the situation is taking on the city.

Specifically, the letter requests federal funding to deal with the growing crisis as well as the declaration of a state of emergency.

Multiple hotels had been commissioned to serve as temporary housing for the incoming immigrants, but employees complained about the behavior of some of the individuals. Furthermore, space quickly ran out, forcing a growing number of migrants to sleep on the streets.

Democratic Mayor Eric Adams, who sparked a feud with Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott over efforts to relocate migrants, is now passing out flyers advising migrants not to come to his city due to insufficient resources. He is also reportedly taking a page from Abbott’s playbook by sending immigrants from his city to other jurisdictions.

Adams is currently facing backlash from the right and left, including Queens city council candidate Bernard Chow, who participated in recent protests against a plan to build a temporary migrant shelter at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center.

As the cost associated with arriving immigrants — currently estimated to be $8 million per day — continues to mount, Adams has prepared New Yorkers to expect reduced library services and cuts to the city’s meal program for seniors.