NYPD Officers File Lawsuit Over NYC’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

New York City’s totalitarian COVID-19 policies led many to flee the city, which may now face repercussions over its anti-choice policies regarding the vaccine for the pandemic.

Recently, five members of the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) elite Bomb Squad filed a lawsuit against officials in the Big Apple for $75 million over the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which they claimed led them to lose their jobs.

Indeed, New York Democrats instituted policies during the onset of the pandemic in 2021, forcing all workers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or face termination.

The five officers argued that, given their refusal to obtain the vaccine, they lost out on a “full pension, with annual interest and health benefits,” according to the New York Post.

Although the Big Apple lifted its vaccine mandate in February 2023, the five officers — Detectives Paul McCartney, a U.S. Marine who served in the NYPD for 17 years; Jean Pierre Sylvestre, a U.S. Marine with 20 years of experience over at the NYPD; Joseph Trancho, an 18-year officer at the department; Sgt. Craig Collopy and Lt. Christopher Eckert have not reapplied.

New York City’s mandate has been blasted by many hard-working residents in the city, who argued that such a law is unconstitutional and unfair.

Nearly 2,000 workers in the Big Apple were subjected to job terminations for simply choosing not to take the jab.

The five Bomb Squad officers “paid a heavy price for refusing compulsory vaccination, while every other unvaccinated person paid no price at all,” they wrote in their lawsuit against New York City.

The lawsuit comes after New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, allowed several celebrities and athletes in his state to choose whether they wanted to receive the COVID-19 vaccine — a right he denied to the hard-working residents of the Big Apple.

Notably, NBA star Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets was one of several high-profile individuals that were exempted from receiving the jab.

Now, in light of scientific evidence, the American people realize that the COVID-19 vaccine wasn’t necessarily effective in preventing transmission of the virus.

“These guys were climbing all the way up the ladder and Adams just kicked them down for nothing,” attorney Chad Levaglia said on behalf of the officers. “The biggest and most important difference between this lawsuit and any others is we’re directly challenging the efficacy of this vaccine, we’re saying, ‘This didn’t work and you knew it, Adams.’”