Obama Judge Denies Clark’s Request For Federal Trial

Democrats are determined to put former President Donald Trump and all 18 co-defendants on trial in Fulton County. This was proven once again Friday when the Obama-appointed Judge Steve Jones ignored the rights of the executive branch in the case involving Jeffrey Clark.

The former assistant attorney general requested that his criminal indictment be moved from Georgia to federal court.

This aligns with the United States Code. Federal law states that a “criminal prosecution that is commenced in a State court” against an “officer” of the federal government may be moved to a federal court if it concerns “any act under color of such office.”

Clark made the clear and convincing argument that his actions in 2020 were related to his position as assistant attorney general under Trump. But Jones rejected this out of hand.

The judge said that Clark’s drafting of a letter on Dec. 28, 2020 to several Georgia officials was not “causally connected” to his position.

That letter asserted that the Department of Justice was probing irregularities surrounding the just-concluded presidential election. Clark wrote that Georgia was one of the states identified by the DOJ as troublesome to federal officials.

Clark presented the letter to a pair of his superiors. They, however, refused to sign it out of concern for the DOJ getting involved in the Georgia election. A meeting was then held with Trump, who was still president, along with other DOJ and White House officials.

After a discussion that lasted for more than three hours, the president decided against sending the letter.

Remember, the letter was written in Clark’s Washington office and presented to his DOJ superiors. He used government equipment and forwarded it to DOJ leadership using the DOJ email server.

If that’s not working under the “color of office,” the term has no meaning.

Still, Judge Jones ruled that Clark’s actions were not “causally related” to his position with the Civil Division. Then there’s the obvious fact that the letter was never sent and that Trump himself decided against that action.

That Clark did as instructed was enough for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, and the grand jury charged him with “criminal attempt to commit false statements and writings.” This is nothing more than a witch hunt.