RFK Jr. Blasts Biden Over Open Southern Border

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. proved once again that he is a relic of what is now an extinct form of Democrat. He is capable of speaking honestly on issues that have real world effects on the American public and is not afraid of who he might offend.

His latest volley against the Biden administration came in an op-ed piece published by Newsweek on Friday. The 2024 presidential candidate ripped the incumbent for his dramatic refusal to secure the nation’s southern border in the face of an all-out invasion.

RFK Jr. drew a direct parallel between the White House’s open border policies and the illegal migrant crisis faced by multiple cities.

He noted that the current untenable situation created “impossible burdens” on urban areas and that no city “can manage endless floods of migrants pouring through an open border.”

Kennedy cited the New York Post’s tally of 150,000 illegal migrants who received notices in July to appear before immigration judges. This is more than triple the number the White House admits to under the “special parole program.”

A program that, RFK Jr. acknowledged, was never authorized by Congress.

This open invitation to invade the country resulted in New York City’s Democratic Mayor declaring his home would be “destroyed” by the illegal migrant crisis. RFK Jr. wrote in Newsweek that Eric Adams said the 110,000 new migrants arriving is “unsustainable.”

He observed the crisis gripping Chicago and referenced a report from Axios on the burgeoning problem in Denver. The Colorado city is in a budget mess after spending $23 million to provide housing and services for migrants since just December.

The costs of migrants soared to over $1,000 per week.

As for Chicago, it faces a $538 million shortfall for 2023. Over a third of that total is from the city’s absorption of Biden’s illegal migrants, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

RFK Jr. said the original purpose of so-called “sanctuary” cities was to protect illegal migrants from ICE raids. That was then. Now that status is attracting asylum seekers by the tens of thousands, something that is unmanageable for any U.S. city.

The Democrat is right. Biden and his colleagues on the left see only waves of future voters for their party streaming across the border. The financial and social burdens ripping the nation apart are not a concern, as long as their voter rolls increase.