RFK Warns Tucker Ukraine Biolabs Creating Dangerous Bioweapons

In the most recent episode of his show on X, the site formerly known as Twitter, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson engaged in a compelling conversation with Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

During the interview, Kennedy made the forceful assertion that “biolabs in Ukraine” are being used by the United States to actively “develop bioweapons.”

Carlson initiated the exchange by recalling, “Victoria Nuland kind of blindly announced during Congressional testimony last year that ‘oh by the way, we have these biolabs in Ukraine.’” “Why would we have biolabs in Ukraine?”

Kennedy’s response was clear: “We have biolabs in Ukraine because we’re developing bioweapons.” He elaborated, explaining how these bioweapons utilize pioneering synthetic biology, CRISPR technology, and genetic engineering methodologies not accessible to preceding generations.

These techniques, he cautioned, can lead to the creation of exceptionally perilous substances. He then divulged that the Pentagon initiated substantial funding for bioweapons shortly following the enactment of the Patriot Act.

Kennedy stated that this responsibility was then passed on to Anthony Fauci, asserting that Fauci received a 6 percent salary increase directly from the Pentagon. Coincidentally, Fauci held the distinction of being the highest-earning federal employee in the history of the United States.

He declared, “Now when you do bioweapons, every bioweapon needs a vaccine … because in 100% of the cases, when you deploy a bioweapon, there’s blowback, your side also gets sick.”

The conversation soon shifted to Kennedy’s request for Secret Service protection from the Biden administration. Carlson inquired, “You’ve been on the road for weeks and you had no Secret Service with you,” noting the tragic history of political assassinations in Kennedy’s family. He posed the question, “Why wouldn’t you have Secret Service protection?”

Kennedy clarified that while the Biden administration’s denial of protection in May was clearly based on timing and polling requirements, the president wields the authority to override such security decisions. He highlighted instances where presidential discretion granted protection to candidates in analogous positions, including Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy.

“I get a lot of death threats,” Kennedy continued, revealing a recent incident involving an intruder who managed to enter the second story of his residence before being apprehended by police.

Kennedy, the candidate that poses the biggest threat to the Biden re-election campaign, pointed out that Secret Service protection has been provided to all candidates since his father’s assassination in 1968, “But not for me.”