Texas Man Defends Elderly Victim At Restaurant

On a seemingly quiet afternoon in the Lone Star State, the time-honored right of self-defense, enshrined in the Second Amendment, was vividly displayed at Woody’s Smokehouse.

Around noon on August 14, Woody’s Smokehouse, a staple in Centerville, Texas, experienced chaos when Kevin Craig Anderson from Houston entered the establishment. Initial reports indicate he moved about the restaurant in a “harassing manner,” aggressively approaching several customers. The scene was captured on the restaurant’s surveillance footage.

What started as mere aggressive behavior took a dark turn when Anderson proceeded to the restroom. There, he allegedly unleashed a violent assault on an older man, knocking him unconscious and continuing the attack even as he lay motionless on the floor.

The spirit of Texan bravery wasn’t far behind. Another patron, legally licensed to carry a firearm, attempted to intervene. However, Anderson redirected his aggression, knocking this good Samaritan to the floor and continuing his assault. This is where the narrative took a turn that supporters of the Second Amendment should celebrate.

Faced with imminent danger, the armed man acted in self-defense. Drawing his weapon, he shot Anderson twice, hitting him in the right arm. Anderson, now wounded, made a hurried escape, but his freedom was short-lived. Police later located him in his vehicle, parked on the shoulder of a highway. He was airlifted to Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston for treatment.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office, currently leading the investigation alongside the Texas Rangers, shared their initial findings, noting the rapid response and subsequent capture of the alleged attacker.

Diana Wood, co-owner of Woody’s Smokehouse, spoke out about the incident, emphasizing the importance of prayer and protection. “Prayers for my team and customers that were involved would be greatly appreciated,” she said. Delving deeper into her faith, Wood expressed gratitude for her daily prayers for protection over her establishment, pondering the potential outcomes had those prayers not been in place. Her heartfelt plea: “Cover your family, your friends, your work, and your school with the blood of Jesus before you walk out of your house each day.”

This incident is a testament to the importance of the fundamental right of self-defense. While detractors often paint firearm ownership negatively, incidents like this highlight the protective potential of armed, law-abiding citizens to defuse deadly situations.