Trump Adviser: Title 42 Protection Reinstated On Day One

Former President Donald Trump’s commitment to reinstate the successful Title 42 border control policy on day one if elected next year was confirmed on Saturday.

Senior adviser Lynne Patton appeared on Breitbart News and declared that the Republican is determined to bring the nation’s southern border under control. And a major part of that vow is to stem the flood of child trafficking.

Trump and several associates recently screened the blockbuster movie “Sound of Freedom.” He came away even more dedicated to fighting human trafficking when he is back in the Oval Office.

Patton assured host Matthew Boyle that just after inauguration in January 2025, Title 42 will be back in place. This “will immediately and safely return children, migrant children, unaccompanied minors, back to their own families in their own countries where they belong.”

That is a far cry from the Biden administration’s policies, which have lost tens of thousands of unaccompanied children after they crossed the border.

Patton revealed an even more insidious result of President Joe Biden’s reversal of Title 42 that just the open border. She noted that the administration’s new policy now forces migrant children to be released in the interior of the U.S.

She said these kids “are at the mercy of these predators, and so it’s extremely dangerous.”

Patton added that Title 42 was not only for preventing people who had COVID from entering the country. It was also effective in stopping unaccompanied minors and other unsafe situations.

The Biden administration knew it was unleashing trouble with the expiration of Title 42. One of the responses was to try to shuffle the deck by opening scores of new regional processing centers.

And as a way to claim that the open border crisis was being handled, the White House instituted a scheme to grant 30,000 “humanitarian” exceptions to asylum rules each month and allow more illegal migrants in. This way, they could assert that border encounters decreased.

In other words, illegals are allowed in the front door rather than the back, and that’s deemed a success.

The last fiscal year saw a staggering 2.76 million illegal migrant border crossings, breaking the old mark by over 1 million.