Trump Defense Secretary: Jan. 6 Committee Issued Threats

Former Trump administration Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller has alleged that the now-defunct House Jan. 6 Select Committee used threats and intimidation tactics to prevent him from publicly stating that President Donald Trump had authorized National Guard deployment during the Capitol events. According to Miller, the committee, particularly influenced by establishment neoconservative former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), exerted pressure to suppress his testimony that ran directly counter to the never-Trump narrative.

Miller claimed in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail that the committee threatened to “make his life hell” if he continued to assert that Trump had called for the National Guard to secure the capital on Jan. 6. This pressure supposedly stemmed from his public appearances and statements, which were seen as undermining the committee’s established storyline.

As the acting defense secretary during Trump’s final months, Miller was unexpectedly thrown into the limelight as he found himself at the center of the committee’s investigations. He described his experience as being fraught with “latent threats” from the government, which instilled a significant amount of fear in him and prevented him from further public communication on the matter.

The situation intensified following a television segment on “Hannity,” where Miller and Trump-era National Security official Kash Patel discussed their experiences and understandings regarding the National Guard’s deployment. The following day, the committee contacted Miller’s lawyer, implying the need for additional testimony — a move Miller interpreted as a clear threat designed to silence him.

The allegations Miller brings forward contribute to the ongoing debate surrounding the operations and motivations of the Jan. 6 Select Committee. Critics, including Miller, argue that the committee’s actions reflect a biased approach, particularly noting Cheney’s significant involvement in the proceedings and her apparent determination to frame the narrative against Trump.

Supporting Miller’s claims, Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) released a transcript indicating that Trump had requested a significant National Guard presence on Jan. 6, a detail the committee allegedly downplayed or ignored to maintain their narrative of insurrection.

The allegations made by Chris Miller highlight a troubling potential trend of political bias and manipulation within congressional committees. The essence of democratic governance lies in transparency and objectivity, especially within investigative bodies tasked with examining events of national significance.

The committee’s approach, as described by Miller and supported by subsequent revelations, suggests a departure from these principles. Instead of fostering a comprehensive and unbiased understanding of the events leading to and occurring on Jan. 6, the committee prioritized a predetermined narrative over a full and honest exploration of the facts.