Trump Sues ABC News, George Stephanopoulos For Defamation

Former president Donald Trump has sued ABC News and one of its show hosts, George Stephanopoulos, for defamation.

The presumptive GOP nominee for the 2024 presidential election filed the lawsuit in relation to an interview held on March 10, in which the left-wing host got into a heated dispute with Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC). During the exchange, Trump alleges that the host made false claims about him, leading to the defamation suit he filed on Monday March 18.

The interview in question featured Stephanopoulos repeatedly stating that Trump had been found guilty of taking advantage of a woman as well as later “defaming the victim.” Mace—who was being grilled on her reason for endorsing Trump for president—defended the controversial former president.

The South Carolina representative snapped back at each accusatory remark made by the host, telling him that Trump had denied the claims and was never found guilty in a criminal court. The case, brought against the politician by E. Jean Carroll, only ever saw the inside of a civil courtroom.

In May 2023, Trump was found responsible for inappropriate conduct but not attacking the plaintiff, who was awarded $83.3 million for reputation damages. The ruling was quickly appealed by the former president’s legal team.

During the March 10 ABC interview, Stephanopoulos asked Mace how she “square[s]” her support of Trump considering that case. The representative, who has been physically victimized herself, accused the host of shaming her as he repeatedly asked the same question. She called his conduct “disgusting.”

According to the newly filed complaint, Stephanopoulos falsely claimed that Trump was found liable for attacking a woman with the intent of “actual malice or with a reckless disregard for the truth.” Trump’s lawyers pointed out that no jury or judge had found the former president guilty of criminal behavior.

ABC News was also listed in the lawsuit as a defendant due to its role in having “authorized, approved, or consented” to the “false and defamatory statements” made by its host against the former president.

After the lawsuit was filed, Mace expressed her support for the legal action taken by Trump’s team and called for a Republican-wide boycott of the news network until Stephanopoulos is “held accountable for the egregious lies he purposely told on air.”