Trump Vows To Run For President From Prison If Convicted

Former President Donald Trump has vowed to continue to run for president even from inside a prison cell if he is convicted in any of the myriad of criminal cases the Democrats have brought against him in recent months.

During an appearance on John Fredericks’s radio show on Friday, Trump was asked whether a conviction would put an end to his 2024 presidential campaign.

“Not at all. There’s nothing in the Constitution to say that it could,” he replied, adding: “Even the radical Left crazies are saying, ‘No, that wouldn’t stop.’ And it wouldn’t stop me either.”

“These people are sick, what they’re doing is absolutely horrible. Look at Hillary Clinton — look at what these other people got away with!” Trump continued.

He went on to note that former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton “took documents” as well — but are not being treated the same way that he is.

“Nobody’s ever gone through this — this is crazy! And you have a thing called the Presidential Records Act, and I come under the Presidential Records Act, and it’s so obvious what it says — you’re allowed to do this! And they have to ask you — they can ask! And at most, they have a civil case, but these people don’t even mention the Presidential Records Act,” Trump said.

He then pointed out that “Biden wasn’t the president” when he took classified documents and illegally stored them in multiple unsecure locations — as these documents came from Biden’s time as vice president and U.S. senator from Delaware when he had no right to take classified documents.

“If convicted and sentenced, I will continue to run for president — and win!” Trump later declared.

Trump also posted about the charges against him on Truth Social later that day, calling out Special Counsel Jack Smith, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, and Attorney General Merrick Garland — who he has nicknamed “Meritless Garland” — arguing that they should all be jailed for weaponizing and politicizing the Department of Justice.

“They ought to throw Deranged Jack Smith and his Thug Prosecutors in jail, with Meritless Garland and Trump Hating Lisa Monaco,” he wrote. “They have totally Weaponized the Department of Injustice. Whatever happened to the Crooked Joe Biden Boxes Case? Why was Hillary Clinton allowed to delete 33,000 emails, many of them Classified, AFTER getting a Subpoena from Congress? Why was Bill Clinton allowed to take tapes out of the W.H. in his socks? Why has no other President ever been charged? ELECTION FRAUD!”

The comments come after Trump was charged on Thursday with three additional charges in the controversial classified documents case.

According to The Daily Wire, “Trump was charged with one additional count of willful retention of national defense information and two additional obstruction counts stemming from alleged attempts to delete surveillance footage at Mar-a-Lago after investigators had delivered a subpoena to Trump seeking the materials that he had in his possession.”