Unedited Jan. 6 Footage Destroys Criticism Of Hawley

There’s what the Jan. 6 House committee wanted the American public to see, and then there’s what really happened at the Capitol two years ago. The unwarranted criticism of Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has now been thoroughly debunked through video footage that just became public.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson did the nation a tremendous service with his review of thousands of hours of footage from the so-called “insurrection.”

As Miranda Devine of the New York Post so succinctly wrote, Democrats have been frantically running around “like decapitated chickens” ever since it became known that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) released the tapes to Carlson.

Because of his efforts, it is now known that the committee’s producer edited the video of several members of Congress being ushered out of the Capitol. But by the time the professionals were done with the tape, it appeared that Hawley fled on his own in terror.

That leftist narrative, however, is demonstrably false. It apparently amused some when it was aired during the hearing by former Rep. Elaine Luria of Virginia. Laughter could be heard in the audience when the heavily edited clip showed Hawley running alone.

The fact that it gave an utterly inaccurate impression of what transpired mattered little to the committee, however.

Hawley’s communications director, Abigail Marone, quickly reacted to the released footage. She tweeted that it is a “reminder that the ‘producers’ who the clown show Jan. 6 committee hired knew what they were doing when they lied to the American people.”

Marone declared that not only did they lie about it to the American people, but the producers took footage out of context “to go after their political opponents like Josh Hawley.” Then, she said, they bragged about it.

As she observed, the American public should have had access to the surveillance footage all along to see the unedited version of what took place that day in Washington.

Instead, Marone noted that “we got a Democratic political ad funded by our taxpayer dollars.”

No better description has been made of the sham investigation perpetuated by Democrats on the committee — along with their compliant “Republican” partners. But now, finally, the truth has been exposed and the people can decide what happened for themselves.