US Women’s Soccer Star Blasts ‘Culture’ Of Current Squad

Retired U.S. women’s soccer legend Carli Lloyd ripped the 2023 team for growing arrogance and lacking the hunger to three-peat as World Cup champions.

Lloyd is a two-time champion who retired in 2021. She also netted two Olympic gold medals and was twice the FIFA Player of the Year. With that resume, her words carry much weight on the soccer landscape.

And her words are quite critical of members of the controversial current squad.

After a lackluster 0-0 tie against Portugal on Tuesday, the U.S. team took to dancing and mugging for the cameras for their advance to the World Cup. The only reason they were not sent home was a lucky bounce off a goalpost that prevented Portugal from scoring.

The New York Post reported Lloyd chastised the team, saying “there’s a difference between being respectful of the fans and saying hello to your family.” She dryly noted that “the player of the match was that post.”

There are many in the U.S. who now question why they would support a team that does not support its home. The recent spectacle of several players not acknowledging the national anthem before a match only made the situation worse.

The bizarre and tired antics of longtime soccer star and LGBT icon Megan Rapinoe are well known. But her mantle on the ultra-woke squad is being taken up by Alex Morgan.

She recently made it clear that the team supported biological males competing against women on the pitch. Morgan told The Athletic’s Meg Linehan that “the inclusion of trans kids in sports is the inclusion of kids in sports…The fact that it ‘s being taken into politics is really sad.”

In fact, she and her teammates may be ready to take a stand against protecting women’s sports.

The USWNT is preparing to compete in the She Believes Cup against Canada, Japan and Brazil. The matches are scheduled to be held in Texas and Florida, two states that wisely passed laws prohibiting biological males from taking spots from actual females in athletics.

Does Morgan think a boycott is coming? “Playing in Florida and Texas, that’s something that the team definitely needs to look at. I think just even talking about it is good.”

Is it any wonder that so many Americans are tuning out of this year’s World Cup?