When Will The Department of Justice Cooperate With Congress?

House Republicans want to get to the bottom of the Biden document scandal. The only way that this can happen is through the full cooperation of the Department of Justice. Since the Department is staffed by members of the Biden Administration, the odds are slim to none.

There is some progress in the ongoing Biden document investigation. The Department of Justice has found even more documents in Joe Biden’s personal home. Now, the agency is considering expanding its investigation to new locations.

This spells bad news for the Biden Administration. Already rocked by rampant inflation and bad economic data, the White House must be sweating this one out.

Things are so serious that Biden’s own Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to investigate the case.

The Biden Administration claims that it is fully cooperating with the investigation, but how likely is this when more and more documents keep showing up?

If Biden plans to go after former President Trump, then he needs to get his own house in order first. Turning over all of the classified documents is a good first step.

Now that we know that there are more documents, where does the investigation go now? It is possible that the president is indicted, but this seems unlikely. It is also possible that Biden would announce that he is not running again in exchange for not being prosecuted.

These things are mostly speculation at this point. Since the Department of Justice’s search is broadening, it is entirely possible that dozens of other classified documents are scattered across other buildings.

Joe Biden has been reckless with our national security and we’re all paying for it. Imagine if any of these documents were lost— or worse, got in the hands of one of our enemies. If Donald Trump did something like this, we’d never hear the end of it.

Hopefully, the true number of hidden documents will be found soon. The public has a right to know.