Biden And Allies Manipulate State Politics, Trample Federalism

In a brazen display of disregard for the fundamental principles of federalism, President Biden’s administration, national Democrats, and Republicans in Name Only (RINOs), like former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), have injected themselves into state-level political decisions. These attempts to incite a “color revolution” and impose Washington progressivism on states violate the autonomy granted to states by the United States Constitution.

The recent expulsion of two Tennessee Democrats from the state legislature has attracted national attention and become a focal point for this disturbing trend. In addition, a surprise visit from Vice President Kamala Harris and aggressive Twitter attacks from Congressman Adam Kinzinger reveal that these key political figures are more concerned with pushing their agendas than respecting the sovereignty of individual states.

The Biden administration has demonstrated an affinity for promoting progressive policies at the federal level. However, its insistence on meddling in state-level politics goes beyond typical political disagreements. This approach undermines the core tenets of federalism that protect state autonomy and allow for regional diversity in policy-making.

The intrusion into state politics by Democrats and RINOs like Kinzinger reflects an alarming shift in political strategy. By attempting to discredit state-level decisions that don’t align with their progressive values, they are manipulating the political landscape in a manner that threatens to compromise the foundation of our nation’s government structure.

Conservatives recognize the importance of maintaining a balance of power between the federal government and the states. This ensures that the state and local government protects the interests of local communities and states from overreach. But, unfortunately, the Biden administration and its allies seem determined to erode that balance in favor of a more centralized power structure.

This tactic of interfering in state politics sets a dangerous precedent. By fostering discord and division, it further erodes the ability of the states to maintain their autonomy and fulfill their constitutional role as laboratories of democracy. Conservatives must stand united against these attempts to undermine the principles of federalism.

As the Biden administration and its allies press forward with their efforts to undermine state autonomy, it’s more important than ever for conservatives to come together to defend the principles that have guided our nation for centuries. By reaffirming our commitment to federalism and opposing this intrusion into state politics, we can protect the integrity of our government and ensure that the United States remains a beacon of freedom, opportunity and democracy for generations to come.