Dems Face Chilling Prospect Of Losing Two Biggest Governors Within A Few Weeks


As the Democrat Party falls, the stories get more interesting. From sexual assault claims to citizens rising, kicking Governors out of office, and impeachment talks for President Joe Biden, the political realm becomes more entertaining than the dead blockbuster movies that are being thrown out with no objective thought process.

The confidence of the Democrat party has been short-lived, and Republicans could have seen this coming from miles away. The United States was founded on separating powers between federal, state, local, and political parties. A good mix is how the country moves forward.

Democrats tend to eat themselves when things go wrong. When it’s difficult to blame Republicans for shortcomings, they don’t have an option. Isn’t this what they asked? Many discrepancies have been brought to light during the election audits in Maricopa County, Arizona, and it’s no secret that the mainstream media and U.S. Attorney David Weiss assisted Biden by hiding significant issues with Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The newly discovered painter is accused of tax fraud and financial deals with other countries to benefit Joe Biden.

Republican candidate Larry Elder is expected to destroy California Governor Gavin Newsom, changing politics in “The Golden State” for years to come. Democrats may not realize that Republicans are good at shaping economies. Republicans tend to lean toward the constitution and give out freedom like it’s going out of style because it is.

Vice President Kamala Harris recently campaigned for Newsom, and it may have been the wrong move. Kicking Democrats out of office has become a new hobby in the United States. They’re losing two, and maybe the Presidency, because of wrongdoings.

Newsom recently got heated with the media, but he must understand that politicians aren’t exempt from criticism. New York Times vs. Sullivan brought case law to complain to elected officials and said, “It is not enough to show that it is false for the press to be liable for libel. Instead, the target of the statement must show that it was made with knowledge of or reckless disregard for its falsity.” Newsom can get as mad as he wants, but the press is invited to criticize elected officials with no recourse.

The Democrats have shown that they can’t effectively run this country when citizens get involved. Social media has been a prominent voice for conservatives to spread information around, and politicians haven’t caught up to the social media craze yet. Political scrutiny is on high alert, and most elderly politicians like Nancy Pelosi aren’t used to social media. She didn’t grow up with it and appeared unaware that anyone may share information with the rest of the globe in a couple of seconds. It’s a beautiful thing. Politicians should be held accountable no matter who they are. It’s essential for the prosperity of the United States moving forward and will shape politics for the rest of our lives.