Liberals Fleeing Blue States But Bringing Agendas With Them

The mass exodus from leftist strongholds in the U.S. is real, so much so that some are even losing congressional seats. The economic vitality and cultural sanity of red states is a powerful lure for many Americans, and liberals are fleeing from crushing taxes and skyrocketing violent crime.

The 2020 census showed that people in massive numbers left counties that chose Joe Biden and flocked to those which preferred to reelect President Donald Trump.

But something funny happens on their way to paradise. Many are infiltrating Main Street communities with their woke agendas and their liberal activism, something small town America generally wants no part of.

Instead of assimilating into the areas they take refuge in, these rabid leftists are intent on transforming their new home areas into the same high crime and crippling tax cesspools they left.

Much to the surprise of the longtime residents of rural communities, these newcomers marshall their numbers and resources to change their corners of the nation.

And it starts small. A board of education suddenly finds itself confronted by new residents pushing a woke agenda onto local schools. A city council gets pressure to pass a resolution unheard of just a decade ago.

The reasons red states are getting blue state refugees are numerous. Although it is tempting to chalk it up to political issues, the latest Axios-Ipsos Two Americas Index found that economic concerns are the driving force for U.S. mobility.

In fact, the overwhelming reason cited by both Democrats and Republicans for moving to another state is the cost of living. Behind that are personal reasons/family ties, employment, and taxes.

What does this prove? If the majority of internal migration is due to economic expenses, jobs, and the tax burden, the results are clearly indicative of the success of conservative states. In some ways, it is also an indication of a better political climate in red states.

Rich, high-tax enclaves are bleeding residents to areas where personal freedoms and less government intrusion are far more respected. So, you may call it taxes or opportunities or economic growth.

However it is labeled, these prized red state destinations benefit from a less burdensome government and their economies are thriving. A pro-business environment does far more than promote healthy businesses — it creates jobs and spurs growth.

So, as blue states hemorrhage residents to red states, the hope is that the movers will assimilate and adopt the culture of their destination. After all, what is gained if they simply bring their failed political and cultural background with them?