Nikki Haley Set To Announce Presidential Bid

There is likely going to be another presidential contender later this month. The likely announcement of a major figure in Republican politics could have a serious impact on the race for the White House.

While it hasn’t been formally announced, it appears that former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) will be entering the GOP primary. This makes Haley perhaps the most significant entry into the race since former President Donald Trump announced his bid earlier this year.

Her campaign will come with some criticism, as she did choose to run against her old boss. Many Trump fans are going to be suspicious of why she chose to run against a president whom she complimented many times. Most likely, Trump’s popularity is why Haley — a known neo-conservative — wants to stay on his good side.

After all, most major Republican officials refuse to challenge the former president, perhaps out of a sense of strong loyalty or a belief he’s the best man for the job.

These questions and more will be major factors in the early part of this race for the White House.

Like most candidates that run for the presidency, there is a good chance that Haley’s campaign will end prior to most states voting. If she is able to survive past South Carolina there’s a good chance that she will have delegates in her corner.