AOC Encourages NYC To Defend ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) shared a controversial post inviting people to come out and support an upcoming drag queen story hour event in New York City.

This is the same Democratic representative who previously told a gathering of drag queens that they were “patriots.”

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo tweeted the screenshot of AOC’s post that she shared on Instagram. The slide images urged supporters to “defend Drag Story Hour in NYC” and “protect queer spaces and expression under threat from the far right.”

People were instructed to wear masks and bring “rainbow swag, non-amplified noisemakers, musical instruments, joy, and love” to the event.

The original posting came from an Instagram account titled “therollinglibrary.” The account described itself as a “queer-led, queens-based, library-obsessed mutual aid group.” The caption continued with an invitation to “comrades” to the Thursday Jackson Heights gathering.

The post slammed the “far right” for targeting similar readings aimed at children nationwide. It accused “violent, loud bigots” of disrupting the readings and harassing attendees.

Then it went further. The posting shared by the Democratic representative announced that “kids and drag queens” are welcome, but fascists are not. It encouraged a “safe” and “joyful” welcome for “kids and their grownups as they enter the library.”

Earlier this month, the Andrew Heiskell Library for the Blind in New York hosted its own Drag Queen Story Hour. Protesters gathered outside the library but were blocked from entering by a group that reportedly appeared to be Antifa.

New York City Council member Erik Bottcher chimed in on the protesters who were blocked.

He said that he saw first-hand “pure hatred and bigotry outside Drag Queen Story Hour.” Bottcher added that he also witnessed “a loving and peaceful reading of children’s books to kids.”

He then shared a video of protesters outside his office asking him why “firefighters or circus clowns” were not featured instead of drag queens. One told him on video that “some gay people in the community don’t approve of that, and I’m one of them.”

Bottcher accused the group Gays Against Groomers of vandalizing the hallway at his office.

Any reasonable observer plainly sees that the protesters’ anger is due to drag queens and their supporters insisting on targeting children. The U.S. is a free country, and people may dress and live as they choose. But the inclusion of innocent children in these charades changes everything.