China Exploits US School Rules To Push Communism On K-12 Students

Perhaps now more than at any time in United States history, parents are seeking alternative ways to educate their children. Republicans have been pushing educational options for years, while liberals dig in and claim that the only way to create a fair playing field is by requiring that everyone believes the same thing.

Parents struggle to identify what curriculum their children are taught in school regardless of the format in which it is taught. Chinese companies are exploiting the system to institute their own brand of thinking by buying up private schools and promoting them as American institutions.

Even though parents are unlikely to know that the schools they send their children to are owned by Chinese companies, the four institutions listed in a recent report by the New York Post consistently rank in the upper echelons compared to public schools in the area.

Over the last several decades, it has become commonplace for school districts to discriminate against Asian students. Affirmative action efforts in the 1990s fueled a backlash that has now caused a sea-change in the admissions policies of U.S. college admissions policies. The increased pressure from admissions policies is leading to Communist China finding opportunities in the gray.

The report shows that four high-end schools in New York offering choices for parents are actually owned and operated by Chinese companies with significant ties to the Chinese Communist Party. The investigation by the New York Post was limited in scope, but the fact that at least four schools are owned by Chinese companies indicates a larger problem nationwide.

Chinese efforts to infiltrate the U.S. through radical educational change have been underway for decades. Currently, 36% of millennials, those born between the mid-1980s and 1990s, support Communist theories.

Private schools are not regulated to teach the same curriculum that public schools teach. This can mean that students are exposed to concepts they might not otherwise encounter, but it also can mean that some private schools may be indoctrinating young Americans into the concepts of Communism.

China has rapidly established itself as a nation of concern to U.S. policymakers. A leading thought concerning opposition to Chinese expansion has been used to justify the Billions in spending the American government has committed to the resistance by Ukraine against Russian aggression. Moscow recently arranged a trade deal with China that further ties the two greatest threats to global security together.

Recent reports of Chinese purchases of tracts of farmland, development of industrial facilities in the U.S., and efforts abroad to thwart the intentions of the Bden administration continue to draw China into a direct conflict with American interests. Parents should investigate private schools carefully before committing to making a decision. Of course, this only applies to the small percentage of Americans who have the choice to send their children to elite private schools.